One week home!!

It's hard to believe we've been home for a full week already.  But at the same time it feels much longer!!  James is doing beautifully.  He is attaching to all of us (I forgot to mention in my last post that he had become quite affectionate with me, seeking me out for hugs frequently.) and yesterday he met his Pappy Joe and Aunt Cloda for the first time.  He played with Pappy and let Aunt Cloda cut his hair.  My little man is even more handsome now, if that's possible :)
Yesterday was a big day all around, starting out with a visit to the dentist.  He'd been to the dentist in Camiguin, and had a few fillings and extractions, so he did not fuss at all about having his teeth checked and cleaned.  His teeth are a bit of a mess, most of them have at least a small cavity.  The dentist is most concerned with his canines on top, and the one remaining top molar.  We go back in two weeks to start work on the worst ones.
After the dentist we stopped by the Y where I work.   I needed to pick up my W2, and I wanted James to see the room and meet the ladies I work with, as I am planning to go back to work at the beginning of February.  The children are able to come with me to work; I work in the Child Watch room, basically babysitting while parents work out.  He saw the weight room when we went to the bathroom and signed that people were lifting weights.  He liked all the toys in the room, too, and didn't seem at all bothered by a new place or people.  I will have to watch him closely, though, when we get busy.  He's not used to being around a lot of kids and still will just push someone out of the way if he wants to get by, and will grab a toy he wants.  The grabbing is getting less, though. 
After the Y we stopped at Aldi to get some milk, and cheese for pizza.  He wanted to help carry a package of cheese.  And look at everything on the way through the store.  Then we made one more stop at the library for some new books.  I got him some board books.  He likes to look at books, but just quickly flips through the pages without really looking or letting me read or even point things out.  Aedan and Liana love to be read to, and get really upset with him because he's always trying to turn the page or covering the pictures.  Tonight I sat him on my lap with one of his books and held the book I was reading to them behind him and that worked well.  And thankfully our library has a large selection of board books, and we generally go about once a week or so for new ones.
After the library we came home, had lunch, and James had a nap.  Then later, as I mentioned, we went to Jason's dad's house so he could meet James.  I made pizza and took it with us.  He ate two pieces, so I guess he likes it after all!  And James liked his other Pappy right away.  It helped that Pappy had some flashlights that also have laser pointers on them! All three kids played with their flashlights before and after dinner.  They ran around and around the living room-kitchen-dining room circle.  I took pictures but they are still on my camera. 
Today was another busy day.  First we had to return the rental car Jason has been driving (long story).  While we sat and waited for him to come back out, James had fun watching all the cars on the highway.  Then Jason dropped me off at church for my moms' Bible study I go to every other Friday, and he took James and Aedan to Dick's to look around while they waited for me.  He said James loved seeing all the sports stuff, and of course wanted to touch everything.  Then they came back to church and played in the gym, saw the sanctuary, and met two of the pastors and the other ladies at Bible study.  He fell asleep on the way home, so nap time didn't quite happen, but he did just fine all day.  Our very good friends came over for dinner with their 5 children, and to say it was chaotic would be putting it mildly.  But they all loved James, and he took to them too.  He just likes being around kids, I think!  He did have some power struggles with the youngest (who is only 1) over Liana's stroller, but for the most part he did well playing with all the big kids.  After they left is when we read some books to give everyone a chance to unwind a bit before bed.  And I think he went to sleep the fastest he has yet, and for Jason no less.  Usually I sit with him until he falls asleep, but he needs to get used to Dad too, since I do work two evenings, and I generally don't take the kids at night unless Jason has somewhere to be. 
Tomorrow we'll just be hanging out at home, probably going out to play in the snow since it's supposed to be a bit warmer.  James hasn't really seemed to care much about the snow yet, but we got several inches today, so we'll see what he thinks when he's out in it!  And Sunday I plan to take him to church, although I don't know how long he'll actually sit.  It will be a while before he's ready for Sunday School, so he'll just be sitting with me for now.
Oh, we are seeing some improvement in communication!  He is learning that he has to ask for things if he is hungry or thirsty, he can't just pull me to the kitchen and make a bunch of noise.  Sometimes he still tries, but I think he's getting the idea that it doesn't work, and he'll get something much faster if he just asks.  And he's starting to copy more new signs, which is good too.  And I can't remember if I mentioned this, but he is sleeping through the night consistently now, which is wonderful :))


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