Foster Home, Day 3

Jason and I were both awake by 3:30am.  Monday night it got really windy, like scary windy, and then sometime in the night it started to rain.  And I mean R.A.I.N.  It rained all night, and ALL day Tuesday.  Diane had wanted to take us to visit friends of hers who own a resort on the island so they could see James one more time, but as the jeep was all open, that was not really an option.  So basically we were stuck in the house all day.  Every so often I would go out on the porch and watch the waves pounding.  It made me a little nervous, how rough the waves were getting, since we were leaving in the morning and leaving included a ferry ride.  I did NOT want to get stuck there!!  But Diane called and confirmed that the ferry was still running, and said that often the water was much rougher there than at the ferry port.
James and I painted, the three of us took turns playing catch, and we packed some of his stuff and gave him his shark pillow pet that the kids picked out for him.  He seemed to like it, but Diane told him to leave it in our room.  She told him that tomorrow is boat and plane day, and he was very excited.  I was not sure if he understood that she wasn't coming too, but he was very excited anyway.  I was expecting tears from him when he realized she was staying home.  He's still not interested in any physical affection from me, but when the social workers came at lunchtime, he did hide behind me.  I'm not really sure why they came.  They didn't bring any papers to sign or anything.  They just came, had lunch with us, and left.  For lunch Diane ordered a pizza, which James really liked.  But I have to tell you, it was pretty...non-American pizza-ish.  The sauce they use is very sweet, and they don't have real cheese, just this Velveeta type stuff.  I'm interested to see what he thinks of my homemade pizza!  She also made pancit, or a very Americanized version of it anyway.  He gobbled that up too, and so did I!  It was basically ramen noodles with carrots, chinese cabbage, and this other vegetable, I think it's called cayote.  (I've actually bought it at Bottom Dollar before, but I didn't see any when I was there the other day.) 

Later after nap time, James was watching tv.  I sat in the chair next to him and he got up and moved to another chair.  A minute later Jason came in and James patted the chair next to him for Jason to sit on.  He also wanted Jason to pick up him often.  By this point I was really getting frustrated, even though I had prepared myself for the possibility of it happening that way.  Being prepared didn't make it any easier to deal with!  It was still raining when we went to bed that night, and the waves were crashing away.  It would have been so relaxing had I not been so stressed about leaving the next day!!
These pictures really don't do justice to how strong the waves were.


  1. Feeling you, Merissa. My mom said absolutely the same thing with my brother--having him not prefer her at first was one of the hardest things in her life. And then, once he does prefer you, you will be the "safe" outlet for frustration! But I know how much love you have, and God will keep providing more so long as you keep allowing him to (oh, and this is such a hard thing, too!). So many prayers for you all! Best wishes!


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