Day 1 (and 2 and 3) - Travel, travel and more travel!

We left our house at 2:45am on Friday the 11th.  We had to drop Jason's car off at the shop to be fixed and get gas in the van.  We met our friend at church who kindly drove us to the airport.  Security didn't take long so we had a little wait before our 6:10 flight to Detroit.  Then we had an 8 hour layover.  Yes, 8 hours.  Thankfully some wonderful friends who live in that area came and rescued us for two of those hours and took us to breakfast.  Then we hung out in the airport for a loooonngg time.  Finally we got to board, then something wasn't working in the plane for them to show the safety video.  They tried to fix it, then after an hour decided to just do it the old fashioned way with the flight attendants.  Why they didn't just do that in the first place I have no idea!  Anyway, it was about a 13 hour flight to Japan.  We were in the last row of our section, sandwiched between two old ladies.  My lady was nice, and we talked a bit.  Jason's neighbor slept most of the time, keeping him trapped.  I felt really bad because I knew he was hurting, so I tried not to complain about being uncomfortable!  We traveled through all of Friday night and Saturday with the time changes and arrived in Nagoya sometime Saturday evening. They made everyone get off the plane, go through security, and get back on the plane.  The Nagoya airport is so quiet, it's creepy.  We only had about a two hour layover, and since we were late leaving Detroit, we really didn't wait long to reboard after going through security.  (Oh, funny story.  When we got into the airport we stopped at the restroom.  I went in first while Jason stayed with the luggage.  The first stall was the only one open, and when I looked in, what did I behold but a squatty potty!!  I didn't know what to do so I walked back out and told Jason.  He laughed then went in the men's room.  I looked again at the restroom sign and saw it had a key at the bottom, showing different types of toilets and where they were!  So when he was finished I went back in and found a real toilet, praise God!  The bathroom had squatty potties, regular toilets, and bedets.  I wasn't quite brave enough to try those, but when we were on our way home, James was pushing buttons and sprayed himself before I could turn it off.)
Then we had a 3 and a half-ish hour flight to Manila.  It was after midnight when we landed.  Then of course we had to go through security and customs, and then wait forever for our luggage.  Since we were in Detroit so early, our luggage was the first on the plane and therefore the last off.  I was starting to panic by the time it finally showed up at the very end of the luggage parade.  The airport was hot, stuffy, and crowded.  Finally we were able to leave and find our liason, Michelle.  She and another lady and the driver took us to our hotel, which ended up being in a pretty shady part of town.

But we only got to stay there for a few hours, long enough to sleep a bit and take a cold shower.  Then it was back to the airport, a different part for domestic flights.
Traffic is always crazy in this city!!



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