Day 4 at home

Things are going better than I expected!  We've had issues with sleeping the last few nights.  James goes to sleep with little trouble, but wakes up after an hour or two and doesn't want to go back to sleep.  But tonight he went to sleep easily, and two hours later, he's still asleep as far as I know.  He's so happy during the day.  Today he got bonked in the head on accident and that was the first he really cried other than during the night.  He completely loves his brother and sister and wants to hug them all the time, especially when one of them is crying.  He wants to make them feel better!  He also loves the dog, and we spent the first few days trying to get him to leave poor Swiper alone.  But thankfully Swiper is pretty tolerant of little boy affection, especially when said little boy also loves to share his food!  We've started putting Swiper in the basement during dinner because James wants to share everything with the dog.  As far as eating goes, James is eating really well, much better than we saw him eat in the FH.  And given how skinny he is, I don't think that was just because we were there and he was too excited.  They never made him stay at the table during meals, but would let him get up after one or two bites and try to coax him into more bites here and there.  We decided after the first day to get out the booster seat we used with the other two and see how he did.  We thought he would fight us on being strapped in, but he doesn't mind at all, and actually sits and eats a whole meal.  He does have trouble eating meat, and he has a bad habit of shoving too much food into his mouth and not really chewing it.  We are always telling him to chew and swallow, and sometimes I have to move his plate away until his mouth is empty.  But he has liked most things so far, including green beans and broccoli, and he's eating some fruit even though we were told he didn't like it or juice.  I bought some pear juice yesterday and he loves it.  And it's thick too, like a pear puree, not a straight juice.  He has serious constipation issues (I know you really want to know this!) and takes a laxative everyday.  That doesn't really seem to help though, so I'm trying some other things too.  I'm not giving him as much milk, trying to get more fiber into him, and the juice.  So we shall see. 
I brought out the wooden peg puzzles yesterday, and while he struggled to get some of the pieces in the right way, he knew where they went.  Today he and Liana did them again while I did school with Aedan.  I don't know how much he did and how much Liana did for him!  But I do think that he'll get the hang of them pretty quick and be able to move up to simple jigsaws soon.  He hasn't really asked to watch tv, and doesn't complain when we turn it off after only 30 minutes.  Speaking of asking, that is one of the main things I'm working on. He never asks for things, just tries to pull me into the kitchen and makes a lot of noise at me.  But he is saying please when we remind him, and I'm trying to get whole sentences out of him when he wants something.  By whole sentences I mean PLEASE HAVE MILK, not just PLEASE.  Sometimes I can see he's not pleased when he gets water instead, but he doesn't complain. 
He had his first real bath tonight and loved it!  In the FH they didn't have a tub, just a shower head and a faucet below, which was what they used to shower him.  And until today, I just did the same thing.  But the other two wanted a play bath, so in they went.  He didn't want to sit at first, and mostly squatted the whole time, but he copied Aedan putting his face in the water and thought it was great fun to splash around.  He does get cold super fast though, which is funny because they did not have nay hot water in the FH.  But, it was also really hot, they didn't have air conditioning either!  But poor guy shivers like crazy until after he's fully dressed in some nice warm footies. :)



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