Friday, February 28, 2014

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Still Short

If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of not having enough money to pay your bills, then you understand the panic that threatens as the due date speeds ever closer.  Now multiply that need by about 11,000, and you can get an idea of where my dear friends, the Fergusons are in their adoption process right now.  This family that has been such a tremendous help and support to us in our adoption is at the very end of their journey, as they are scheduled to travel to China on Thursday to bring home these two beautiful treasures:

And they are still short about $11,000.  I know their faith is strong that the Lord is going to meet this seemingly impossible need, and I am standing right bedside them in faith.  But I am asking you, as their friends, or total strangers but brothers and sisters in Christ, WILL YOU HELP?????  They need to be fully funded by the end of business tomorrow in order to have the money necessary to travel on Thursday.  I know many of you gave during our birthday fundraiser in December, and I thank you all.  But if you didn't give then, or you can give more now, you would be a part in giving these two darlings the family they so deserve.  Maybe you can only give $5.  Give it.  It helps.  Maybe you can give more.  Let's stand together with this family and bring these babies home!!!  You can donate right here:  Ferguson Paypal.  Thank you for your generosity!!!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CI Number 2!

So here we are again, hanging out in the hospital after having a second cochlear implant put into James's other ear.  He's doing very well, much better than last time around!  There were no scary issues during surgery this time, thank you Jesus!  And he is not nearly as nauseous.  We are not giving him any morphine or other narcotics as they make him vomit.  So hopefully tylenol is sufficient to manage his pain through the night, and we can go home in the morning.
James won't actually get this processor for about 4 weeks, giving the ear time to heal.  In the meantime he will be able to continue to wear the first one.  And yes, he can hear with it on.  Take it off, and he is just as deaf as he was before.  Implants don't cure deafness.  Only God can do that!  But anyway, he is hearing pretty much everything that goes on around him.  If you're in another room, he might not hear you call him, although he does hear the microwave beep from the other room!  And if it's a very noisy place, he's not likely to notice if you call his name.  No, he doesn't say any words yet, but he knows a cow says moo and a pig says oink, along with some other animal sounds.  He tries to say "love you" (which is very cute) and "thank you" (if you prompt him).  He makes noise every waking moment of the day (at least that's how it feels some days), and he will sing, loudly, in the car when the radio is on.  Which is always. :)  He recognizes the phone ringing, the dog barking, and he knows if music comes on during a tv show.  He knows when you call his name, which is a glorious thing, especially when he starts to run in a grocery store!  We are working on learning letters, and he can identify a few of the sounds already.  For only 3 months in, he is doing very well.  And turning on his other "ear" should only help him progress even faster.  He doesn't understand speech yet, so we still sign, and will continue to do so.  No one knows how long it will take him to understand oral language, and maybe he never will.  Everyone is optimistic that he will, but if you haven't started to learn some signs yet, now is a great time!! :)

I had this big long post planned, and actually started, about why we decided to get CIs for James in the first place.  But I decided not to finish/post it at this time because A) I was mostly doing it just to voice my opinion on the matter, and B) I really don't want to start an argument or hurt anyone's feelings.  I could say that I'm not trying to change anyone's mind in this matter, but that would be a lie.  I like for people to agree with me, and I like it even more when they don't agree but I can convince them!  But unless someone is on the fence about the issue, I'm not likely to convince them of my point of view, any more than they will convince me of theirs.  So, if you really want to know the reasons behind our decision, I would be happy to tell you personally.  If you found this blog and are trying to make a decision, I will give you my opinion and you can do with it what you like!

All Things Hidden, Book Review

I recently finished the book, All Things Hidden, by Tracie Peterson and Kimberly Woodhouse.  I have long been a big fan of Peterson, and I've never met one of her books I didn't like.   All Things Hidden was no exception!  Set in a different era than I usually read for historical fiction, I actually learned a great deal about Alaska and how it became established after the Great Depression.  Even though this was a more modern setting than I tend to prefer, the story line was interesting and the characters likable or hate-able (yes I just made up that word) as they were intended to be.  I did find the mental ramblings of one of the main characters to get a bit monotonous, but I could also relate to his being stuck on particular thoughts, especially those that were negative and not entirely accurate.  Being a romantic novel, the ending was satisfyingly predictable, but the story twists and turns were not boring in the least.  I enjoyed this book, and as always, I look forward to Peterson's next novel!


All that being said, thinking about the title of the book, All Things Hidden, made me think about all the things that we tend to keep hidden.  Ok, that I tend to keep hidden.  Crazy thoughts, my perfectionist tendencies  obsessions, frustrations, and even good things like gratefulness for my husband and kids, appreciation for good friends, etc.  But God knows all things.  Nothing is hidden from him.  And he will bring things to light as he sees fit, in order to change my heart and my life.  While it may not always be pleasant or enjoyable, it is always necessary!