Almost there!

At this time next week we will be on a plane, somewhere over the Pacific! With many more hours left to go, I might add! In fact, we will be on said plane until about noon our time. Mind you, we leave Pittsburgh at 6:00am next Friday! Once we arrive we will get a few hours sleep, and a shower, then hopefully get back on another plane and start the journey to the little island where James lives. It sounds like quite the adventure, and I've imagined all kinds of scenarios, like falling asleep in a taxi and the driver kidnapping us or stealing our stuff. Yes, I'm weird like that. I just can't believe it's finally going to happen! And I find myself having a very hard time concentrating on much of anything. I just keep thinking about what it's going to be like to finally meet him, to see what his life his like, to meet the people who have cared for him so well and for so long. And I imagine him here, at home, with us - playing with his siblings, going shopping, going to church, meeting so many people. I keep thinking, the next time I ... James will be with me. Or, this is the last time I will ... Until James is home. It's very surreal. And also very thrilling and overwhelming and terrifying all at the same time. The kids are so excited, and keep saying, I wish you were going to get James now, or, I wish James was already here. The other day Aedan randomly said to me, "Mom, we are never going to leave James out, even though he's deaf and can't hear us." It was so precious. And everyday they tell me how many more days until we travel. As if I don't know! Haha! I am going to miss them like crazy, and I'm trying not to think about that part just yet. But I know they will be in good hands!  I still have a ton of stuff I need/want to do, and the weekend is booked, as usual. But at least I won't be sitting around bored and going crazy, right??!


  1. Yay... and trust me James may be a daddy's boy but when he spends his days with you he will attach. You are an awesome Mommy and he will adore you. We had a love and connection in the begining but we had alot of tears before we felt that strong secure bond, remember it comes from caring for a child... Love you guys soooooo We are praying for safe travel and a comfy peaceful trip home.


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