For Such A Time - book review

I reviewed the book, For Such A Time by Kate Breslin, which I received for free from Bethany House. I was very excited to see a WWII historical fiction novel as one of my choices of books, and this one did NOT disappoint!! A modern-day Esther, Hadassah Benjamin is put in a unique situation when she is rescued from a concentration camp by a Nazi officer, who believes there was an error that mistakenly sent Hadassah, who is Jewish but has falsified papers under the name Stella Muller, to Daschau. The officer is in charge of a Jewish ghetto, and readers get a firsthand look at conditions for Jewish people under Hitler's regime. Disturbing, heartbreaking, and thought-provoking, this book challenges anyone who might think that one person simply cannot make a difference in the face of evil. It also offers insight into the mind of a Nazi officer, who does not fully agree with Hitler's cruelty, but feels powerless to stand against it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I would highly recommend it, even if historical fiction isn't your first love. I hope that Ms. Breslin continues to write fiction, as her debut in this genre was definitely a success.


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