Home is Where the Heart Is

If that's the case, then I'd say James' heart is still in the Philippines.  This morning he asked me, with a very nice smile, "can please have go home."  This is after yesterday when he was crying and crying for no reason so I asked if he wanted to look at his pictures.  He did, so I got them out and we looked through them.  When he saw Tom, foster dad, he pointed and signed dad.  I responded with spelling T-o-m, and then pointing to Jason and signing DAD.  He wasn't very pleased, but he copied my fingerspelling and after a few times I added a name-sign.  Trying to make the connection that Tom is different from Dad and Diane is different from Mom.  We did this again when we got to pictures of Diane.  And he signed HOME a few times at other pictures in the books.  I tried to explain that that was his home before, and this is his home now, but I don't think he gets it.
When we were looking through the books I realized that yesterday was the anniversary of James going to the live at the foster home.  He was just an infant, and he has no concept of days or dates, so I'm sure he didn't know, but it was kind of ironic anyway.  And I imagine Diane was very aware of the date, and probably his birth mom was as well.  Adoption is such a hard thing.  It's beautiful, but it's hard.  For everyone.  But maybe mostly for the little boy who still doesn't understand why he now lives with us, and why he can't go back to where he lived before.  I can only pray that the Lord will heal his heart, and that someday soon he will have the language to understand why his life suddenly turned upside down.  And I pray that he will see God's hand taking care of him and bringing him to this place, this new family, this new life. 

In other news, this has been a month of illness and injury!  At the beginning of the month both James and Liana were sick, one with another episode of croup and the other with strep.  After that was surgery to finally remove the two bad teeth in his mouth.  Last week he had a random fever with no other symptoms for two days, then a day of no fever, followed by the return of said fever but this time it brought its friends - diarrhea and vomiting.  My favorite.  After a few days, a scary high fever, and a trip to the ER for some very good drugs, it seems we are finally on the mend.  This was the first thing that brought James to a stop and made him actually act sick.  Poor little guy was just miserable!  He's still not 100%, and therefore I had to reschedule the surgery he was supposed to have today to put tubes in and take a skin tag off.  I know it was the right decision, but the next available date the doctor had was July 16th!!!!  So I'm a bit concerned as to what this will do to our implant timeline, but it couldn't be helped, so I'll try not to obsess about it! :)



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