Birthday Girl!!

Today my baby girl turned 5!!  She celebrated with a fever and sore throat, lots of movies and books, Gatorade, popsicles, ice cream, and Chick-Fil-A.  But she was so excited that it was her birthday!
I have been waiting since Aedan's birthday to be able to write this post and brag on my Honey-girl just a little bit.  She has been mama's girl since day 1, and has had the hardest time with the transition of adding a new sibling.  But she has adjusted beautifully and is the best signer of the three of them!  She loves her little brother (when he's not pinching her!) and has to be reminded often that she is not the mom!  She loves to help do just about anything, but she's not too keen on doing chores on her own.  If you know her, you know she can't say her L's or R's, and that they both come out as a W.  But lately I've been catching her saying L properly here and there.  It's such a sad thing, because it means she really is growing up, but like I tell people who say they hope she never outgrows it, "It won't be that cute when she's 14!"  And speaking of 14, you'd think she is 14 sometimes, with the drama that comes pouring out of her little body!  We are working to curb that, but mostly unsuccessfully thus far!  Liana is as stubborn as the day is long, as they say; a trait that I hope will work to her advantage in the future in keeping her from giving into peer pressure.  She is very much my child in that respect, and in several others.  She's a picky eater, even been known to gag on foods she doesn't like, and usually decides not to like it before it's even in her mouth.  She loves music and will sing at the top of her lungs to all her "fwavwite" songs on K-love.  (My kids listen to whatever I listen to, and they both love it!)  Her current favorite is the Chris Tomlin Burning Lights cd, but she also really likes the Passion 2013.  She only needs to hear a song once or twice before she is singing along.  Oh, how I love to hear her sing praises to the Lord!  I pray that she will grow and develop a true heart of worship. 
Her newest interest is reading!  Finally, a member of my family who shares my passion for books!!  I have caught her awake until almost 10:00 at night reading her Bible.  She reads it every night by herself after we read together as a family.  And there are usually at least two library books also in her room at any given time, which she reads in bed.  This school year we worked through the Hooked On Phonics program (which I HIGHLY recommend) and she now reads just as well as Aedan, who reads well above grade level.  She asks to do school work, and just wants to learn.  Again, a child after my own heart!  I am looking forward to officially homeschooling her this upcoming year, and seeing how far she will go.  She is SO different from her brother in this area! 
Liana's other loves are Wild Kratts, legos, soccer and baseball, church, and her Pappy Dan.  She loves all three of her grandparents, but Pappy Dan just has a special place in her heart.  She loves to wear dresses, but is not very girly in other ways.  She's the girl wearing a dress (with non-matching colorful tights) while playing Star Wars or Power Rangers with her brothers, or digging in the dirt at every baseball/softball game.  She recently has started letting me actually do something with her wild and beautiful hair, for which I am very thankful!  At one point she was wanting her hair cut like Aedan's, to which I said NO WAY.  She did that once, and I don't care for a repeat!! 
So that's my baby girl in a nut shell.  If you know us in real like, you know what a treasure she is.  If you don't, you'll just have to take my word for it!  Happy birthday, my darling girl!

How did she go from this...

To this???!!!!

Liana with her Pappy

She loves Andrew McCutcheon

Love my girl in braids!

See what I mean about the tights??


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