Our week in (medical) review

This week was a busy one!!  We started off on Monday with a visit to the gastroenterologist for Liana.  She complains of stomach aches on a very regular basis.  And while I think some of it is stress-related/attention getting, I think some of it is genuine.  She saw the pediatrician a few weeks ago and he did some bloodwork, which came back "borderline positive" for Celiacs disease.  Basically that means maybe she has it, maybe she doesn't.  But he said she could also have irritable bowel or reflux.  She also says her throat hurts a lot, without any reason for it.  So he ordered an ultrasound and an endoscopy for her.  The first will be next week, the latter the following week. 
Wednesday morning Rooster had his x-rays and ultrasound.  He had to fast for the US, and I thought he would be a bear, since this is the kid who wakes up and his first sign is typically HUNGRY.  But he did so well!  I had told him twice the day before that he would not be able to eat in the morning, but I never know how much of what I tell him he actually understands. But when he woke up and said he was hungry, I reminded him that he could not eat right now, he had to wait.  This was around 7:00 and his appointment wasn't until 8:45.  I was so sure he would keep asking or fuss at me for next two plus hours.  But he didn't!  In fact, he did not sign hungry again until we were waiting for our disc of his X-rays, ready to walk out the door around 9:45!!  That had to have been God, totally.  The other two, who I also made wait for their breakfast, complained multiple times about being hungry!
The ultrasound showed normal kidneys and bladder, and the X-rays showed no evidence of hip dysplasia!  I had been so worried about that.
Thursday we actually had a day with no appointments, which was lovely. Friday afternoon we headed to the orthopedist.  He confirmed no hip dysplasia, but wants an MRI of Rooster's neck and spine, as he has a congenital anomaly in his neck and he wants to be sure there's nothing else going on inside that X-rays don't show.  Since the MRI is done under sedation, and if we pursue cochlear implants he will also need an MRI to determine if he is a candidate, he said we could wait and do both at the same time.  He also said that I shouldn't concern myself with the w sitting, and there's nothing to do about it.  He doesn't have problems walking and his hips are totally fine, so it's not a big deal.  That kind of goes against everything I've read about w sitting, but who am I to argue? I'll probably still try and break that habit and teach him to sit a different way, but I have bigger fish to fry as they say!

So all in all he is doing well physically.  Next week we have audiology and ophthalmology, and the dentist again.  And Liana's ultrasound, which will mean another morning of late breakfasts, but I think we will all survive :)

I need to make a correction to my timeline in The Whole Story.  In talking with another adoptive mom of a deaf child (and a bio one too!) I wanted to double check when they realized James was not responding to sound anymore.  It wasn't until around 18 months, not the 12 month age I previously wrote.  He didn't seem to be speaking at all yet at that point, which I guess is why I was thinking he was younger.  But given all his other delays, that doesn't seem so odd.  And it doesn't matter too much in the grand scheme of things, but I like things to be accurate!


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