All Things Hidden, Book Review

I recently finished the book, All Things Hidden, by Tracie Peterson and Kimberly Woodhouse.  I have long been a big fan of Peterson, and I've never met one of her books I didn't like.   All Things Hidden was no exception!  Set in a different era than I usually read for historical fiction, I actually learned a great deal about Alaska and how it became established after the Great Depression.  Even though this was a more modern setting than I tend to prefer, the story line was interesting and the characters likable or hate-able (yes I just made up that word) as they were intended to be.  I did find the mental ramblings of one of the main characters to get a bit monotonous, but I could also relate to his being stuck on particular thoughts, especially those that were negative and not entirely accurate.  Being a romantic novel, the ending was satisfyingly predictable, but the story twists and turns were not boring in the least.  I enjoyed this book, and as always, I look forward to Peterson's next novel!


All that being said, thinking about the title of the book, All Things Hidden, made me think about all the things that we tend to keep hidden.  Ok, that I tend to keep hidden.  Crazy thoughts, my perfectionist tendencies  obsessions, frustrations, and even good things like gratefulness for my husband and kids, appreciation for good friends, etc.  But God knows all things.  Nothing is hidden from him.  And he will bring things to light as he sees fit, in order to change my heart and my life.  While it may not always be pleasant or enjoyable, it is always necessary! 


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