Just another week of crazy!

Someday, we will have a normal week!!  But it was not this week!  It started on Sunday, with James being brought up to us from Sunday school because his tooth was hurting.  By the time we got home he was all out crying (shrieking, really) about this tooth!  And James does NOT complain about pain or sickness, as a general rule (except for the stomach bug we had over Memorial Day!), so I knew it was really hurting.  He'd actually been complaining about it for a while, but I figured that it was the tooth he had removed that was causing the teeth beside it to hurt so I didn't pay much attention.  But it's been over two weeks since that surgery, so it wasn't that.  And since it was the weekend, there wasn't much to be done except give him some tylenol and wait until morning to call the dentist.  Which I did, and thankfully they had one appointment open Monday morning.  I had to leave work to take him, but it was that or nothing.  I was very afraid of an abscess or something that would require more extractions, but the x-ray showed nothing amiss.  So our good dentist took out the filling that was put in a while ago, numbed him up with some novacaine for the first time (he was not a fan), and drilled it out thoroughly.  Probably a good third of the tooth was drilled out and then refilled.  Unfortunately, as of today he is still crying about it every time I brush his teeth, and he won't bite or chew on that side.  So I will be calling Dr. Terry again Monday morning.  Poor boy could end up toothless on top by the time all is said and done!  The tooth in question is the front left tooth.  He only has that one and the one right beside it remaining on that side.  And only three teeth left on the right side, so he really can't afford to lose any more!  But we will see what the dentist says.
Tuesday we had tube surgery and accessory tragus removal.  Your tragus is that part of your ear you would push down if you were trying to plug your ears.  On the inside of James's left ear was a little growth that we could not get a hearing aid mold to fit.  So off it came, along with another little growth that was on the outside of his ear.  It wasn't really bothering anything, but we figured that while he was at it, the ENT might as well just take it off too.  James took forever to wake up, and then he got sick, probably from the change in pressure in his ears.  So they had to give him more meds and fluid, and we were at the hospital until after 7PM.  But by the time we got home he was himself again, and ate yogurt, peanut butter toast, and chicken and rice. 
Wednesday we trekked back to Children's for a hearing test that was scheduled quite a while ago, before I had to reschedule the tubes surgery.  And he seemed to be feeling fine, so off we went.  This test was to establish what, if any, residual hearing he has.  He did really well doing what he was supposed to do, and basically she said that he can hear super loud sounds at low frequencies.  Think airplane, jackhammer, etc.  But nothing really that you would hear in a normal day.  The left ear did test slightly better than the right, so once we can put that hearing aid in, he might get something, but probably only really loud sounds, not language or anything like that.  He has to wear both aids for about a month, then we'll go back for a test with them in, to see if they are doing anything for him.  He still has to have a neuro-psych evaluation, and I am still waiting for them to call me and schedule that.  Once that and the aided hearing test are done, a final decision will be made regarding implants.  But the ENT told me that as far as he is concerned, he's ready to do it now.  So I'm pretty sure we'll be a go once we jump through all the necessary hoops.
The rest of the week was actually pretty quiet, except for a running low-grade fever that the ENT nurse assured me was fine, twice :)  And today there was some blood in his right ear when I took his aid out to check his temp, but the ENT on-call said that was fine too. 
On top of all that, Liana seems to have inherited by allergic-to-poison-ivy gene, and broke out with it on her face on Monday.  I have some steroid cream on hand, and I slathered her in it all week and it's clearing up nicely.  I, on the other hand, keep finding new itchy spots on my arms, one on my neck, on both feet, and starting on my leg.  Mind you, I went nowhere near the poison ivy.  I have washed all our bedding, and I wear long pants and long sleeves all day.  And still it spreads.  Beause my body is awesome like that.  Definitely on my list of things to ask God is "What was the point of poison ivy??!!!!!"


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