Another down...

So today I got a very unexpected email from our agency with some very upsetting news.  Unfortunately, I can't share any details in a public forum, but I'll be happy to fill you in personally if you want to know.  But suffice it to say that much prayer is needed!!  James is fine, and I don't forsee this situation causing us further delay, but some decisions are being made that are not in James's best interest in the long run.  We have no control over anything, and it's so frustrating.  Especially because we are going to be the ones who have to help him deal with the emotional fallout.  My heart is aching, I'm angry, and I'm sitting here helpless while someone else makes decisions that could affect the rest of my son's life.  Please pray that the visa appointments will be scheduled ASAP, that what is best for James will be done, and that I don't go crazy waiting!!!! 


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