Not yet.

Well, I got an email today that the ICAB has decided they want a new developmental assessment of James before they will approve a match.  I think the one currently in his file is over a year old, maybe more.  So, while it will be a big bonus to have updated information when we are matched, I'm more than a little frustrated that they didn't think of this earlier.  But it's the nature of the beast, I guess!  I don't know how long it will take to get the evaluation, but I know the foster parents will get it done just as soon as they possibly can.  And I'll trust that the ICAB will be satisfied with the report and will match us, finally!  But until then...waiting is terrible!! :)


  1. UGG! So sorry to hear!!! I pray the assessment goes quickly and that you will have your referral ASAP!!!


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