No news... good news.  Or so I've been told by our agency.  But it is still no news.  Many of you have been asking regularly if we've heard anything, and I haven't blogged simply because I had no news to share.  And I was hoping I would have something soon, so I didn't have to write the "waiting is terrible" blog.  But waiting is terrible!!  Especially because we are so close.  A few weeks ago, before I went on a missions trip to Michigan, I got an e-mail from CAS telling me that the ICAB wanted more information/documentation.  As irritating as that was, to have to scramble around for things before I left the state, I took it as encouraging news.  After all, if they want more info, then they must have been presented with our file for matching.  And if we send them what they want quickly, we should go back in for matching quickly, right?  Well, two Fridays have come and gone since they received our additional documents, and so far, nothing.  That's not to say we weren't matched two days ago and we just don't know it yet.  Please pray that's the case!  I'd love to publish this post, only to follow it up with good news this week!!  But in the meantime, I'll share some small cool things that happened over the weekend.
Yesterday my kids went to a birthday party where they got a small stash of candy from a pinata.  As they were comparing their loot and trading candy, Aedan said, "I have enough licorice for everyone in the family to have a piece.  And we can save one for James!"  My heart!  I explained that James won't be home for a while still, and the candy won't keep that long, but we can get him something else when he does come home.  Later that evening Aedan asked what I thought we could get for James.  He's thinking about his brother!  I do, however, need to get him thinking about using sign language!  Liana is much more willing and knows a decent number of signs from watching Signing Time.  Aedan is more resistent to new things he doesn't know how to do.  I will definitely be making sign language a part of his school day this year! 
Anyway, the second cool thing happened today.  I spoke with a very sweet lady who also adopted from the same foster home James is in.  She could not say enough wonderful things about the foster parents, the Filipino people, and the whole travel experience in general.  She also offered to give us more help when we get closer to our travel time.  And she eased my worries about taking James from such an obviously loving home.  She said she felt the same way about adopting her own son, but that everything was fine, and that they do a great job of preparing the child for the transition. 
I cannot wait to be matched, and be able to communicate with the foster parents, and get more information about James, and be able to send him pictures and other things!!  Oh, the waiting is terrible!!!
One more thing.  I don't have an exact dollar amount, but we are so close to being fully funded.  I think it's safe to say less than $2,000 is still needed, maybe even $1,500.  If you feel led to help us get to the very end, please do!!  You can give through the Chip-in button, or by sending it directly to our agency, Christian Adoption Services.  And please pray for our match to happen!!!  Hopefully the next time I blog will be with an answer to that prayer!


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