Items for sale!

 We had some items left over at the auction.  If you are interested in buying any of them, you can comment, email, or facebook me.  Prices do not include shipping if you live out of this area.  Sorry the picture quality isn't great.  My camera died so I had to use my webcam.

Bows and Butterflies!  This decorative trunk contains 16 handmade bows and a fun pink feather boa bow bed.  There are 4 sets of double bows for pigtails, the rest are individual.  The whole set is about a $100 value; sale price is $70.
Silver Luckenbooth handmade jewelry set.  The luckenbooth is a Scottish symbol of love.  This particular one has a shape like an owl, and is handmade by a friend of my parents, a world-renowned silversmith.  The set contains earrings and a necklace.  It is worth at least $100.  Sale price is $75.

Small painting by Lainey Anderson.  $20

Handmade genuine pearl rosary necklace.  The crucifix is from the Vatican.  $50

The following are all Cookie Lee jewelry pieces.

 19-22" Adjustable necklace.  Retail price $38.  Sale price $30
 Genuine crystal flower stretch ring.  Retail price $28.  Sale price $22
 Criss cross metal hoop earrings.  Retail price $20.  Sale price $16

 Genuine dark pink crystal stretch ring.  Retail price $24.  Sale price $19
 Genuine crystal penant necklace.  Retail price $22.  Sale price $18
 Necklace with genuine crystal starfish.  Retail price $44.  Sale price $35
 Earrings.  Retail price $18.  Sale price $14
Genuine CZ ring, size 7.  Retail price $29.  Sale price $23

I also have gift certificates to Stephanie's Hairstyling salon in Plum.  One is good for a haircut, the other for a shellac manicure.  They are worth $30 each, sale price $20 each.

I have another gift certificate for a haircut and style, plus a mani-pedi by Holli Stegner.  $40.

If none of these items interest you, you can always just donate through our Chip-in button :))


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