Big News, short post!

Three weeks ago I went for my FBI fingerprinting.  Jason went on Monday.  And today I received our I800A approval in the mail!!!!!  (For those of you who are not adoption lingo savvy, that basically means that our government has approved us to adopt a child.  Now we can get our official match from the Philippines.)  Now, I have been a bit peeved that we wasted 3 weeks waiting for Jason's appointment, because no one bothered to tell me that we could try and walk in anytime and see if they would take us.  BUT GOD.  God knew.  Because, you see, yesterday I got an e-mail from the JSC Foundation saying that we have been awarded a $5,000 grant!!  After Celebrate Adoption!, that puts us at aboout 75%, maybe a bit more.  But if we had gotten our USCIS approval 3 weeks ago, I would've been freaking out about the money, because from everything we've been told, things could move fairly quickly from this point.  But now I feel much more confident, knowing that we are so close to our goals, both financially and with all the paperwork and approvals.  God is clearly working this all out, much easier and faster than I had anticipated, but have certainly hoped and prayed for!
Please continue to pray with us!  Our I800A will be faxed to the ICAB on Monday; they already have our dossier, so in theory it won't take long for a match because we are the only family in line for James.  In fact, I am pretty sure we are the only family who has ever been in line for him.  That's because he belongs with us, in our baseball-obsessed family!  :)


  1. So happy for you! And I'm also so glad that you're writing all of this stuff down because, as the sister of an adoptee, friend of so many adoptive parents, grown adoptees, and as a parent who has repeatedly moved very young children internationally, hard times WILL come, but if you remind yourself of all those times God has shown you that THIS IS HIS PLAN, you really will be able to count those trials "all joy" (although maybe not at the moment, but in the end) and rest in the assurance that God has a plan for a hope and a future!

  2. How very exciting!!! I800A approval and the grant!!!!! Praying for a quick referral and travel!!!


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