Happy Dance!!

If you had been in my house about an hour ago, you would've witnessed my happy dance.  My kids thought it was hilarious, and probably a little embarassing.  Aedan wanted to get it on video and post it on Facebook.  Luckily for me, and all of you, he had no access to any camera!  So why was I doing my entertaining little dance?  Because...drum roll please.....my I800-A arrived today!!!!!!  For those unfamiliar with adoption terminology, the I800-A is an important piece of paper granted by USCIS (immigration), giving permission to bring a child into this country.  It's the last piece of paper needed to complete our dossier.  Yes, our dossier was already sent, in hopes that someone will take an early look at it.  But without it, we can't be matched with any child.  Now that we have it, the ICAB will thoroughly read our dossier (hopefully someone has already at least glanced at it) and decide if they need any more information from us.  Once they are satisfied, we will be matched.  Then back to USCIS we go for the 800-A, then passport and visa have to be issued, and then we can travel.  It's still months away, and all that can take an unreasonably and inexplicably long time, BUT GOD.  God can and does move mountains to get children home!  See, I have prayed and prayed that this approval would come quickly, but I wasn't letting myself believe it actually would.  Based on other people's timelines recently, I was *sure* it was going to take "forever."  Certainly longer than 6 weeks and 4 days!  But God is so good.  Even in my doubt, even in my weakness, HE is faithful!  It's so easy in this process to become overwhelmed and anxious.  Almost all of it is beyond our control, and it involves so much waiting, so much unknown.  But I have to continually remind myself that my God is in control, and He makes it all happen in His perfect time.  I have to trust Him, even when it seems like things aren't going to go my way, or when things are much harder or taking much longer than I like.
So now I will pray for a faster-than-usual matching, with no additional paperwork required!  And after that happens, I'll believe God for fast-fast-fast visa and passport.  I am doing my very best to believe God that we will get our little girl home this year.  It would take a miracle, but lucky for me, I serve The Living God who still does miracles.  Especially where orphans are concerned!


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