What I Really Want to Say...

About foster care and adoption!  I thought about saving this post until tomorrow after church, but I hope that by reading it beforehand, your heart might be better prepared for what the Lord will speak to you if you listen.  (If you don't go to MAOG, the Lord can still speak to you about this matter!)

Tomorrow morning in both services a video about foster care will be shown.  And then, in the first service, I get about 30 seconds to say something about it and invite people to the info table we've had set up all month.  Obviously, I cannot possibly say everything I have to say in that time.  Thus, this blog.  So what I would say is this…

People often question those of us who adopt internationally, "Why did you adopt from another country? Aren't there kids in America who need homes?  Shouldn't we take care of them first?"  These are the wrong questions.   The correct question is, "What does God want me to do to care for orphans and widows?" Because He does want all of us to do something.  Yes, there are kids in America who need homes.  Hundreds of thousands of them, in fact.  And Y.E.S., we need to take care of them.
People say, "But I'm not called to adopt or foster."  And maybe that is the case.  But my question to you, if you say that, is, "Did you ever ask?"  Or did you just assume?  If you did ask, and the answer was no, that's fine.  But that doesn't let you off the hook.  There are plenty of other ways to be involved in orphan care.  But if you haven't asked, or if you haven't ever even considered asking, I'm asking you, begging you, pleading with you on behalf of waiting children everywhere: Pray about it!!!!!! Be open.  Listen and then DO. God has a part for you in the world of orphan care.  Maybe, just maybe, that part includes foster care and/or adoption.  :)


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