Draw of Kings - book review

I finally finished A Draw of Kings by Patrick W. Carr. This book was given to me for a free review from Bethany Publishing. I was so excited to read this final chapter in The Staff and the Sword trilogy, even though I never got to read the middle book. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with this one. Maybe it was because I missed so much in the second book that I was often asking myself what they were talking about. Maybe it was because I don't have a battlefield understanding that I couldn't follow all the battle plans and descriptions. Or maybe it was trying to follow three or four simultaneous story lines that made the whole plot seem to drag. Whatever the cause, I have to say I was not terribly impressed with this book, which was surprising because I really enjoyed A Cast of Stones and had been looking forward to the rest of the series. I won't give up on Mr. Carr; hopefully I'll like his next book better than this one!


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