Book Review Time!

Not a whole lot of reading has been happening around here lately, for various reasons.  Reading is my very favorite  pastime, and it pains me when it takes me more than a few days to get through a book.  Anyway, my latest free-for-review read from Bethany House was Pilgrimage by Lynn Austin.  If you recall, she is the author of another book I recently reviewed, Return to Me.  I was excited to read this nonfiction book by her, as I thoroughly enjoyed Return to Me.  Pilgrimage is an accounting of her journey to Israel and all that she learned along the way.  It reads almost like a journal as far as her personal thoughts and prayers, combined with vivid descriptions of the Holy Land that make you feel like you are right there.  One of the reasons I took so long to read it was the personal thoughts and spiritual reflections needed time to digest and process.  This isn't like a novel where you want to just run right through to see what happens.  And on more than one occasion, the things she talked about in the chapter I was reading were things God had already spoken to me about that day or very shortly before! Kind of uncanny, really!  Things like that make one very sure that God is trying to get a point across, you know?  I really appreciate the honesty and vulnerability with which she writes this book, and I look forward to reading more of her work.


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