A Rebellious Heart

It's book review time again!  I recently finished A Rebellious Heart by Jody Hedlund (received a free-for-review e-copy from Bethany Publishing), and it was possibly my favorite one from this author so far.  Jody Hedlund has a terrific skill for bringing characters to life and telling an exciting story, while at the same time addressing tough questions of morals and ethics.  A Rebellious Heart is set in the pre-Revolutionary War era, in New England.  In history class we all learn about the events that led up to our founding fathers' rebellion against the king of England, but this story brings to light some of the struggles the colonists faced because of the king's tyranny.  It also raises questions of conscience, such as "When is it ok to break the law?" and "Is doing the right thing in the face of danger worth the risk?"

In this story, people must go against everything they once believed in to help the cause of freedom, both  for individuals and for the nation.  They must stand dangerously against the government, their families, their friends to do what they believe is right.  For some there are physical consequences for what is perceived as treachery and breaking the law.
But what if they hadn't done so?  What if no one back in the 1700s decided that the laws were wrong, that the king had gone too far in his oppression, and that all life is valuable no matter the economic or social standing?  What if they hadn't been willing to risk everything in order to change the future of the nation? Perhaps others coming after them would have been willing.  Maybe the Revolution would have happened eventually.  But maybe the United States of America wouldn't exist as we know it.  Maybe we would just be another oppressed country, at the mercy of some tyrannical ruler who only values himself.
You're probably wondering where I'm going with all this.  Here it is.  Our country is in trouble.  Our freedoms are being threatened and even taken away.  Babies are being murdered.  Sin is rampant and in many ways, encouraged and glamorized.  And the church is largely silent.  We sit back and let these things happen, afraid of making waves or offending someone.  We consider our personal comforts of utmost importance and are unwilling to help those in need around us.  We accept sin in our entertainment, our culture, and even our personal lives.  I am my no means innocent in this.  But I think it's past time we started taking a stand, doing what we can to make a difference.


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