Dark Road Home

Sounds ominous, doesn't it??  It's actually the title of my latest free-for-review book from Bethany House.  And it was a little ominous in parts!  At the risk of sounding like a super big nerd, I feel like discovering a new author to love is like meeting a new friend that feels like an old friend.  In that case, Elizabeth Ludwig is my new old friend.  I hadn't even heard of her before, but am I ever glad I chose her book to review!  Dark Road Home is actually book 2 in a trilogy, and as soon as I finished it I ordered book 1 from my local library.  Ludwig is a beautiful story teller, weaving a tale of love and suspense that kept me turning the pages far too late into the night!  As I mentioned, it had some ominous moments with evil bad guys and mysterious meetings, and the main characters both had to grapple with demons from their past.  In the end, well, not exactly the end since Ludwig so kindly leaves her readers hanging, truth and love win, with more than a little help from the Lord! 

Ok, now back to real life... I can't believe the summer is almost over!  The weather around here has made it feel like summer is long gone and fall is here in full force.  We started the school year last week, albeit slowly.  So far, so good!  I took forever deciding on curriculum, and I still don't have everything.  (I accidentally ordered Aedan a 6th grade spelling book.  Oops!) But we have the main subjects now, so hopefully we can get moving at a more consistent pace in the next week or two.  
James is doing really well, and his signing has greatly improved in the last month or so.  We had our sweet friend Jess (Deaf teenager from church) come over about 2 days a week all summer and just hang out with us, whatever we were doing.  It was really good for all the kids, and helped them all improve.  Liana is still by far the best of the 3 of them, not surprising to anyone.  But Aedan is signing more, and James' expressive language has impressed me on a number of occasions.  His vocabulary is growing, and he is able to talk about things we've done after the fact.  He can answer some questions, sometimes.  We are still working on colors and counting, but it's coming along. 
Last week he had his last hearing test, with his hearing aids in this time.  Once again, he didn't hear a thing.  Shocking, I know.  The boy didn't hear a cannon or an air horn going off.  He certainly wasn't going to hear the staticky noise of the hearing test!  Yesterday we saw the ENT for the last time before implant surgery.  The audiologist told me to expect 4-6 weeks until his surgery date.  I was really hoping for closer to the 4 week mark, but nope, 6 weeks to the day, on September 27th, James will have his first surgery to have a cochlear implant put in his left ear.  It feels so far away, but if the last 7 months are any indication, I know it will fly by.  And yes, James has been home 7 months as of tomorrow!  All of our post placement reports were sent back to the Philippines at the beginning of this month, and now we wait for the consent to finalize.  Six to eight weeks is what I was told is the average wait time for consent.  Then we have to file a bunch more paperwork on this end before I can finally start saying Yusko instead of Gonora!  I know he doesn't know the difference right now, but I do, and I very much want it all to be final and official.  I would love to show you some pictures now, but my ghetto computer is refusing to upload anything!


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