Happy Birthday!

Today is my baby's 7th birthday.  Seven years ago from right now I was drugged up on morphine, having just delivered a bruised and lumpy-headed-alien-looking child by emergency C-section.  (I don't have any baby pictures on this computer or I would show you.)  He had some fluid in his lungs at birth and I never heard that first cry, but thank God all was well within a few minutes.  And now I have a beautiful red-no-longer-lumpy-headed boy that I wouldn't trade for the world.  Aedan is funny, creative, smart, athletic, and sweet.  He loves super heroes, legos, baseball, hockey, drawing, and music.  Funny thing though, he hates to sing.  Well, really I think the problem is that he hates for anyone to hear him singing.  Sometimes if we are lucky we can catch him singing quietly.  But he will often say, "I love this song!"  He has no desire to be on a stage for any reason, but put him on a baseball field and he shines!  He is so excited for this season of baseball, playing coach pitch.  He will probably be one of the youngest on his team, making the cut off for his age division by only 2 weeks.  But the Lord has definitely gifted him in this area and I know he will do great. 
 He's not into school and I have to force/bribe him to read, but he is an excellent reader nonetheless.  Coming to the end of first grade, he is reading well above grade level.  I even gave him a sample from a third grade PSSA reading test a few weeks ago just to see how he would do, and he got every question correct.  Homeschooling this year has been quite interesting, and we had many tough days, but he is becoming quite a good student, and I am looking forward to continuing to teach him at home.  Of course, rewarding him at the end of each day with ipad time has done wonders for his motivation! :)
Aedan loves his brother and sister, and I love seeing them all play together now, especially after such a rough start with James.  His imagination is fantastic and he can amuse himself for hours. He loves to draw and create things out of paper and legos (not together!).  He is ALWAYS thinking about something, and asks about 300 questions a day.  He said to me once, "I just like to know things."  He is so my son in that way. 
Aedan can be very shy and hates talking to people he doesn't know, and even ones he does!  He is riding in a bike-a-thon this week and I made him ask people to sponsor him himself.  You would have thought I asked him to recite the Gettysburg Address in front of a stadium full of people!!  After ten people you think he would have gotten used to it, but nope!  Not my son!!  But he did it and has has over $100 in sponsors so far!  Now as long as he actually rides the whole hour, he'll be in good shape.  He just learned to ride without training wheels last week!
He loves to eat and some days I can barely keep up with his appetite.  I don't even want to think about what it's going to take to feed him in a few years!!  He sweats like a horse and Jason thinks he will need deodorant soon.  His feet stink and he thinks farting is hilarious.  He is such a boy in every way and I love him like crazy.  Happy birthday, buddy!!


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