Big scare!

Today while on a field trip with my kids, I got a text from a friend about a typhoon in the Philippines. Then she proceeded to tell me that she saw online that Manila was completely underwater and 81 people were dead and thousands had been evacuated.  Now, remember that James's visa appointments are this week. So he is IN MANILA right now! Talk about a major freak out moment!!!  And, not having my own "pocketful of Internet access," I couldn't find out anything for myself.  Finally Jason got home from work and was able to call our agency, and found out that the storm is actually south of Manila, in the Mindanao region.  Huge sigh of relief and much thanks to God, who again, showed his perfect timing.  Here is a picture of the southern part of the Philippines.
Manila is way north of this area.  So, if James was at home right now, he could be in danger.  But as he is in Manila, far away, the worst he's likely to see is a thunderstorm! 
The affected area does need our prayers though!  This time last year saw a similar storm with incredible devastation and many deaths in the same area.  And we don't know what, if any, kind of damage has happened to James's home, or to the island in general.  It's already a pretty poor area, so flooding and high winds will really be a problem.
I'm thanking God for His perfect timing and getting beyond excited to travel so very soon!!!!!


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