There's a thought that's been plaguing me ever since I found the website with James' pictures.  "He looks so happy and well cared for.  What if he doesn't really want to be adopted?  What if he doesn't know that he needs a family?"
But he does need a family.  The people taking care of him are clearly doing a good job, but if they wanted to be his family, they could be.  They have several adopted children already, so they could just make him part of their family as well.  But, for whatever reason, that's not the choice they've made.  And that's ok!  Because he will get to have a family, hopefully soon.  A wonderful family, I might add. A family full of aunts and uncles and cousins.  Lots of them.  And even though we might not see all of them on a regular basis, they still love us and support us just as if we were together often.  That's what family does, after all.


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