I found him!!!

In recent weeks my thoughts and prayers have been consumed with two basic things: friends who are in desperate need of miracles, and James/the adoption process.  The miracles part is another blog for another day...
I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with Aedan.  I was terrified!  Was I really ready to be a mom?  Was this such a good idea?  We were living with my mom at the time and it didn't really seem like the ideal time to have a baby.  But, ready or not, he was coming!  It took me quite a while to actually get excited about having a baby.  And I remember having all the same thoughts when it came time for Liana.  Now here we are very officially into the adoption process, already having spent a good amount of money, most of it not our own!  And I'm rather terrified!  Hence the consuming thoughts and prayers :)  One of the things I've been thinking and praying about is James himself: how is he doing?  Is he healthy?  Is he happy?  Are they taking good care of him?  It's almost Christmas and his birthday; will he get any gifts?  Will he even know it's his special day?  And I really just wanted more updated info and pictures than what we currently had.  But as we are not officially approved to adopt him, that just didn't seem likely.  But the other day I went back to the original files the adoption agency sent us and read through it again and I found the name of the foster home where he lives.  So, I googled it.  And, I FOUND IT!  I found the website of the people who run the baby house (and a whole host of other things, including an elementary boarding school and a Deaf school!).  I clicked on the link for their latest newsletter, hoping that just maybe... As I scrolled down the page and read about all the wonderful work this couple does, I came to the heading "BABY HOUSE" and held my breath as I saw the first sentence "James will turn three the day after Christmas..."  I continued reading about him and then came the tears when, lo and behold, pictures!!!!  4 of them!  Merry Christmas to me!!! 
I'd post a link to the site, but I' m not sure if that would be ok for me to do.  But if you ask me, I'll tell you where to find it.  :)
And if, after seeing his sweet face, you feel moved to help us bring him home, ask me and I'll tell you how you can do that too!

Happy birthday little man!


  1. That's awesome. Kandace and I would like to see pleeeasse!


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