Buy a Video, Help an Orphan!!

Today starts National Adoption Month, in case you haven't heard!!  And in honor of the day, my DVD is officially available for purchase!!!  I have spent the last few weeks making a DVD for those of you who want to learn sign language.  It contains 20 lessons, approximately one hour of basic signs.  You can buy one for $20 (or more, if you feel so inclined!!).  The only requirement is that you don't make fun of my dorkiness!!  It's not easy to videotape yourself without looking somewhat goofy. :)  If you want one, text me, call me, FB message me, or whatever. 
Oh, and you'll be hearing a lot more from me through the month!!  God cares about orphans!!!  Do YOU??


  1. Here we go my friend, so proud of you guys for taking the leap of faith, I get emotional just thinking about the amazing adventure you have begun, God is gonna walk every step before you. Love you guys!


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